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One Hour Cheese - A super beginner's guide to cheese making

28 May, 2014

Make Cheese Inc is proud to call Claudia at Urban Cheesecraft a friend. Claudia is a genius when it comes to making recipes simple and approachable to beginners.  ONE HOUR CHEESE hits a homerun when it comes to photographs, simple step-by-step instructions and creative cheese recipe ideas.

Not only does the book make cheesemaking doable and fun but also the recipes are designed to be done with your schedule in mind. If you are in the mood for bigger cheese projects like an aged parmesan down the road, then let this book be your introductory step and the rest will follow when you’ve built up your confidence...


Is it time to get healthy? Yogurt might be the answer.

19 January, 2014



Admit it: you’re feeling bloated these days right? It’s the new year, and we all over indulged over the past month.  It was wonderful wasn’t it? You can't be a cheese lover and not like to indulge a bit.

But now you are looking for fresh and healthy recipes to start the year off fresh. Well this month’s recipes will help you get you and your gut back and balanced for 2014. 

Have you ever made your own yogurt? Getting into the habit of making this tasty treat will be worth your while this year. It’s dead easy and so good for you...

How to Make Homemade Buttermilk Eggnog Pancakes

06 December, 2013


And now that you've made your awesome Buttermilk Eggnog if there's any left, you can make these fluffy beauties!...

How to make Homemade Buttermilk Lemon Eggnog

06 December, 2013


This delicious version of eggnog is worth trying, once you've got the hang of making buttermilk during the festive season...

King Caprese

19 June, 2013

Let's get this straight, this is an easy recipe. But I bet we've all had one or two Caprese's that was sub par- a bit "meh". Pink tomatoes, dried basil and oil substitutions will do that to you.

Mozzarella – Why make it Yourself?

07 May, 2013


When it comes to cheese, mozzarella is by far the most popular cheese to make for beginners and we think there are a two reasons for this:1) It’s fast! And 2) It’s relatable.

Let’s look at these two briefly.

What do we mean by fast?

Mozzarella (soft mozzarella) can be made in 1 hour, and when you get really good at it about 30 minutes. The instant gratification is like baking cookies. The instant gratification attracts people to mozza making. However let it be said here, with speed comes more action. Most types of cheese are made by heating milk, adding culture, waiting, adding rennet, waiting overnight, scooping the curd out and then more waiting. Slow and steady. A one-hour mozzarella is a hands-on cheese; there’s no letting up from start to finish. We rate it as a medium-high difficulty cheese. Heating, stirring, watching your temperature and finally the all important stretching part all happen within a short period of time-which for a beginner can be a shock. These are not words of warning, we have taught many beginner cheese makers to make mozza, it's just worth noting this one will take some practice.

What do we mean by a relatable cheese?

It’s a cheese we are familiar with; possibly pizza has something to do with this. It’s a cheese that has a certain, how shall we say, romance or ‘amore' "... when the moon hits our eyes."  The hands-on fun hands-on fun it offers us is pure food pleasure. Invite friends, possibly a bottle of wine, stretch curd, make shiny cheese balls all in an evening. You pull, knead, stretch and possibly cry out in pain as you knead hot curd.  Can life get much better then that?

So mozzarella continues to win over the hearts of beginner cheesemakers.  Let’s call it the ‘gateway cheese’ that leads beginners to make other types of slower cheeses. It can build your confidence to make new cheese types or teach you a valuable lesson that sometimes slower can be better.