CHEDDAR CHEESE KIT - Makes 8 Batches

CHEDDAR CHEESE KIT - Makes 8 Batches

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The Cheddar Cheese Kit has got us very excited! This kit gives the rewarding experience of creating a block of cheese...seeing it stand boldly and proud in your fridge with a beautiful orange coat! 

The recipe walks you through an easy step-by-step process. Make your choice of plain, chive, jalapeño, beer, wine or whiskey infused cheddar!

 We have a  'just buy milk philosophy' - that means that all you will need to provide is the milk. 

The kit will take care of everything else! 



Enough ingredients to make cheddar 8 times.

For every batch, you'll get 400 - 500 grams of cheese. 
That means 1 jug of milk (1 gal or 4L) = makes approx. 500 grams of cheese  


- Rennet Tablets (10 tablets) - Vegetarian Tablets
- Cheese Culture - Mesophilic Culture
- Cheese Cloth
-Calcium Chloride 
- Cheese Salt
- Basket Mold
- Thermometer
- Plastic Disc - For Pressing
- Orange Coating
- Natural Bristle Brush
- Recipe Booklet
For a look at the recipe, download a pdf here. 
All you need is the milk! 
(See the FAQ section on the top menu bar of this site to see what types of milk to buy)