CHEDDAR CHEESE KIT - Makes 8 Batches

CHEDDAR CHEESE KIT - Makes 8 Batches

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The Cheddar Cheese Kit has us very excited! This kit gives the rewarding experience of creating a block of cheese ... seeing it stand boldly and proud in your fridge with a beautiful coat! 

The recipe walks you through an easy step-by-step process. Make your choice of plain, chive, jalapeño, beer, wine or whiskey infused cheddar!

All you will need to provide is the milk. The kit will take care of everything else! 


Enough ingredients to make cheddar 8 times.

For every batch, you'll get 400 - 500 grams of cheese. 
That means 1 jug of milk (1 gal or 4L) = makes approx. 500 grams of cheese


- Rennet Tablets (10 tablets) - Vegetarian
- Cheese Culture - Mesophilic
- Cheese Cloth
- Calcium Chloride 
- Cheese Salt
- Reblochon Mold with Follower (NOTE: this mold may vary due to supplier availability)
- Thermometer
- Coating
- Natural Bristle Brush
- Recipe Booklet
See the FAQ section on the top menu bar of this site to see what types of milk to buy.