Poutine Kit

Poutine Kit


Yes, it's true.
You can NOW make your own poutine curd! 

We call this kit....'PROUD POUTINE' because like many Canadians we are proud of this invention. 
It's nothing short of a kitchen miracle: Poutine in your own home. 

The kit includes enough supply for 9 servings of Poutine. 
Each batch of cheese makes 3 servings of curds (using 4 L of milk) 

Please note: This kit needs to be in the freezer. It can be shipped easily however soon after delivery it should be kept cold in the freezer.

Here's What's Inside each Kit: 

- Recipe Booklet (each batch makes 3 servings of cheese curd)
- Gravy Packet
- Mesophilic Culture (needs to be in freezer)

-Calcium chloride (1/2 oz bottle, enough for 8 batches)

- Rennet Tablet (2 TABLETS Vegetarian - enough for 8 batches of 4 L of milk)
- Salt

- Cheese Cloth

- Thermometer

Be the first to make poutine for your friends!

For those of you wondering what poutine is, it's cheese curd sprinkled over french fries then covered in hot gravy.