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Coating is used to cover aged cheese in order to stop unwanted mould growth. 

It can be applied first to the cheese, then once dried, cheese wax can be applied. This is generally done to thoroughly cover aged cheese while in the aging area. 

Coating can also be applied as the only covering or seal to your cheese. Using coating as the only covering has the added advantage of not needing to heat wax to a high temperature. Coating is simply painted onto the surface of the cheese with a natural bristle brush. 

APPLICATION: Coat 1 to 3 layers onto the surface of cheese. Make sure to paint cheese evenly, leaving no openings where air can flow. Can be applied as the first coat then followed with cheese wax (optional).

AMOUNT: Available in a 4 OZ container

The 4 OZ container coats up to 5 - 9 cheeses (depending on the size).

Cheese coating is cream wax containing the mould inhibitor, Natamycin.