Animal Rennet Powder - 100 grams

Animal Rennet Powder - 100 grams

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Calf Rennet Powder - 100 grams

STRENGTH: Strength 1:100,000

INGREDIENTS: Sodium chloride, Dried extract of rennet enzymes (bovine chymosin, bovine pepsin), Bovine gelatine (processing aid), Sodium benzoate, Salt (sodium chloride)


USAGE LEVELS: The usage rate of Calf Rennet Powder can be expected to be in the range of 2 to 3 gr. / 100 Lt. milk.(25 gal). 1/16tsp (1/3 gram) will set 1-2 gallons of milk in approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. 100 grams will set at least 300 gallons of milk.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: The exact amount to use varies according to the type of milk or cheese type.

It is recommended that the measured amount of rennet powder is dissolved in 50 times its own weight of chlorine free potable water, allowing 30 minutes with occasional agitation for complete dissolution. Thereafter follow regular Cheesemaking procedures.

STORAGE: Keep the container closed and store in a cool, dry place. 
EXPIRY: Indefinitely. Can be used up to 2 - 3 year. Under ideal storage conditions the preparation displays excellent long term stability (less than 5% activity loss in 12 months.)
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