Powdered Vegetarian Rennet (Microbial) - 500 gram container

Powdered Vegetarian Rennet (Microbial) - 500 gram container

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Valiren® 100 Granular is a food grade microbial rennet, obtained from the controlled fermentation of Mucor miehei (vegetable rennet). 

STRENGTH:  1: 100.000 MCU/g 

INGREDIENTS: Special strains of Rhizomucor miehei


APPEARANCE: Light tan granular Odor: Neutral Taste: Neutral  

USAGE LEVELS: 2 - 3 gr. / 100 liter (26 gal.)

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Mix with potable water 30 minutes before use.

STORAGE: Keep the container closed and store in a cool, dry place.

EXPIRY: Indefinitely. Can be used up to 2 - 3 year. Under ideal storage conditions the preparation displays excellent long term stability (less than 5% activity loss in 12 months.)

Valiren® 100 Granular is manufactured to comply with Food Chemical Codex III recommended specifications for food grade enzyme products. 


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