KL 71

KL 71

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KL 71 is  used on ripened cheese.s. It is a Kluyveromyces lactis surface ripening yeast culture. Kluyveromyces lactis appears naturally in many bloomy, smeared and washed rind cheeses. It is very helpful as a rapid surface de-acidifier with aromatic properties. It accelerate and strengthen growth of P. Candidum, P. Album, Geotrichum, B .Linens and other beneficial surface flora. It contributes to flavor, aroma and texture development. It is also helpful when increasing microflora biodiversity to prevent unwanted moulds and yeasts.


KL71 can be used directly by inoculation into the milk.


Amount Needed:

Recommended dosage is 1 dose per 130 gallons / 500 liters milk.

Storage: 18 months from date of production at temperatures below 4°C (39°F).



Kluyveromyces lactis


Certifications: Kosher O-U-D and Halal (AHA certified)




NO: Wheat, other cereals containing gluten, crustacean shellfish, eggs, fish, peanuts

soybeans, nuts, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, sulphur dioxide and sulphites, lupin, molluscs

YES: MILK (including lactose)