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SIZE: 9 X 12"


Use the same professional material as the finest cheese purveyors to wrap and store your cheese. Formaticum paper is manufactured in France and designed specifically to wrap and store cheese. This two-ply paper allows cheese to breathe while maintaining optimal humidity preventing the cheese from drying out. This cheese paper keeps your cheese tasting fresher, longer and makes excellent gifts for everyone who eats cheese.

This two-ply material is composed of an ultra thin sheet of low density polyethylene, on the inside, glued to wax coated paper on the outside.  Polyethylene, is a porous and malleable plastic that is not treated with any additives that can leach into cheese.  Thus Cheese Storage Paper works well packaging all types of cheese by allowing oxygen exchange while regulating the humidity.  The Formaticum cheese paper is printed with a unique cheese crest design, the perfect wrapping for all cheeses.