Ash - Edible Ash for Cheese - 2 oz container

Ash - Edible Ash for Cheese - 2 oz container

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Ash helps rinds grow thicker and faster on mature goat cheese. It makes a beautiful ash line in aged goat cheeses but more importantly it allows other molds such as P. Candidum to thrive and create a sweeter surface. To create an aged goat cheese, you will need to add P. Candidum to your milk with a mold such as Choozit MM 100 then later on you will apply the ash on the surface of your cheese. 

A rule to remember is to always apply ash with salt. A ratio of 1:5 (ash to salt ratio). They will usually develop a blue-gray, mottled rind, condensed, nutty texture and a strong creamy flavor


DIRECTIONS: Mix ash with salt for applying. Within a few days the black rinds become grey as the white molds grow through it. Within 8-10 days the entire rind should be white. If the mold growth is blue instead of white penicillium your cheese is too acidic. If the molds are grey and hairy, the cheese is not acidic enough and is retaining too much moisture as a result.

STORAGE: Keep in original container in a cool, dry place. Will last indefinitely.