Vegetable Ash in Paste for Cheese - 2 oz

Vegetable Ash in Paste for Cheese - 2 oz


Ash helps rinds grow thicker and faster on mature goat cheese. It makes a beautiful ash line in aged goat cheeses but more importantly it allows other molds such as P. Candidum to thrive and create a sweeter surface. To create an aged goat cheese, you will need to add P. Candidum to your milk with a mold such as Choozit MM 100 then later on you will apply the ash on the surface of your cheese. 

A rule to remember is to always apply ash with salt. A ratio of 1:5 (ash to salt ratio). They will usually develop a blue-gray, mottled rind, condensed, nutty texture and a strong creamy flavor.


INGREDIENTS: Vegetable Ash for cheese is a black viscous liquid produced by dispersion of particles of carbonized plant material in a solution of food-grade ingredients. Vegetable Ash in water, glycerol, hydroxypropl methyl cellulose.


STORAGE: Store between 8 and 15 C