Biena Mesophile Arom Type B (Aroma B) - 10 Dose

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Made in Canada! Biena Mesophile Arom Type B, also known as Aroma B. Recommended for soft goat cheeses, cottage cheese, fresh cheeses, sour cream, cultured butter and fermented buttermilk. Produces a slight tang with creamy and buttery notes; also a slight gas producer. Popular blend for Havarti, Baby Swiss, Gouda, Edam, Blue, etc.


Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis
L. lactis subsp. cremoris
L. lactis subsp. diacetylactis

Leuconostoc mesenteroides

DIRECTIONS: Use approx. 1/2 tsp per 12-15 litres (3-4 gallons), 1 dose (10 g) for approx. 100 litres (25 gallons) of milk.

Add directly to milk when called for in recipe. Sprinkle culture on milk surface and allow to rehydrate for 1-2 minutes. Mix thoroughly.

STORAGE: Store in the freezer.

NOTE: This product has Kosher and Halal certificates. Certificates available upon request.