All Natural Cheese Wax - BEESWAX

All Natural Cheese Wax - BEESWAX


CHEESE WAX made from Beeswax for cheese making! 

We're excited to now offer natural beeswax. Many customers prefer the natural properties of beeswax as a natural coating for cheese.



If you brush wax on cheese, 385 grams can coat a range of 12 to 18 cheeses of various sizes. 

If you apply wax by dipping the cheese into the pot, 385 grams can coat a range of 5 - 10 cheeses of various sizes.





What you'll need: Preparation steps 

  • Use a double-boiler or use a smaller pot inside of a bigger pot filled with water. 
  • Cutting board covered in plastic wrap
  • Bristle Brush (natural bristle)
  • Print or write a label (stating the date the cheese was made) - This label will be embeded into the cheese

HOW TO USE: Melt wax in a double boiler on medium-high heat. Apply 2-3 thin layers over cheese. 

The pot you use to heat the wax should be dedicated as the pot you always use to heat wax in the future. In other words, the wax will make it almost impossible to clean and restore your pot to the original condition. If you don't have a double boiler, you can sit one pot inside of another larger pot filled with water. 

Once the wax is melted you can either paint the wax on using a non-nylon brush (natural bristle) or you can dip the cheese one half at a time in the wax (dipping one half, let dry to the touch, then pick up the waxed half and dip the unwaxed half in the wax. 

If there are any openings in the wax, you can fill them in using the brush. 

To prevent mold build up under the wax, we recommend using cheese coating as the first layer. Cheese coating prevents against mold development under the wax. This is an optional step. 

Save the leftover wax to be re-heated on your next batch of home made cheese. You can peel the wax off the cheese when ready to eat, to re-use.