Why do we love feta so much at Make Cheese?

19 April, 2013

Simply put, Feta is a great first cheese to make.  The steps are a cinch and it has a high success rate, encouraging all you budding beginners.  That said because of it’s pleasing flavour profiles and common place at our table, this is an old standby even advanced cheese makers like to have around for the thousands of recipes it belongs in that we all know and love.

Traditional feta cheese from Greece is made from sheep or goats milk. In other parts of the world, where you are technically supposed to call it "feta-style" cheese, making it with cow's milk is common.

Whatever type of milk you favour, if you are looking for a cheese to start with look no further. The wait times and simple steps makes this easy to follow and hard to foul up. Remember, you milk quality is key we are looking for freshness above all for best results.

For tips to help you get you started, our friend Arwyn has done a great job of walking through our kit on his blog here or please watch a helpful support video on our youtube channel here.

Here is one of our current favourite salad recipes from the amazing Smitten Kitchen- a chopped salad with feta mint and lime, a bit diffrent from the upbiquitous Greek salad for you to try with your fresh first batch of feta. 

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