How to Make Homemade Buttermilk to Impress Your Family for Holiday Recipes

06 December, 2013


When making eggnog, swapping some of the milk with homemade buttermilk adds an awesome flavour! It's hard to control yourself with eggnog we know first hand, but if you have any leftover try using it in pancakes. Here are three recipes to get you sorted for the holidays: buttermilk, lemon buttermilk eggnog and eggnog pancakes.



Cultured buttermilk, when made at home is a far cry from the buttermilk in grocery stores;  homemade buttermilk is rich and thick.



In a pot, heat 1 L (1 quart) of milk to 86F. 

Pour the warm milk into a bowl and sprinkle in one packet of set milk culture. 

Cover the bowl and leave undisturbed for 12 -24 hours or until the milk has turned into a thick buttermilk. 

After this time if it looks set and has that familiar buttermilk tang, refrigerate immediately.

How to Re-Culture a further batch

*Re-culturing – When you are nearing the end of your buttermilk, set aside 3 Tablespoons of the buttermilk to re-culture the next 1 L (1 quart) of milk.  You can re-culture the buttermilk up to 12 times or more.

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